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I update the web site. I have test XBGM# with DotGNU Portable.NET.
Please feedback so i could make a FAQ to help new users.
If you want to create an another interface in:
  • Wx.Net website
  • Cocoa Sharp website
  • Gtk# using Glade2 website

    I will help you integrate XBGM# in your interface.
    I would suggest a wx.NET GUI using wxWidgets, because it have less dependence, and use OS native API and require less space on hard drive. To follow the ongoing discussion click: XS Forums.

  • 25/10/2004

    New release XBGM# 0.6

    The following is done for xbgm# 0.6 and more to come:
    * Started to rewrite the xiso classes.
    * Add decompressing xiso to your XBOX game directory for other dashboard Evolution-X, XBMC.
    * Add check free space before uploading ISO.
    * Fix pb with '/' when extracting xbox game dir into a dir.
    * Use new version of SharpZipLib from ICSharpCode.

    I create a nsis xbgm# Win32 Combined Installer here distributed under the terms of the MPL and GPL licence.
    You can now run XBGM# on Windows without having Mono installed in your system, using Microsoft .NET Framework.
    I wrote an english and a french tutorial using XBGM#.


    New release XBGM# 0.5
    *More UI tweak.
    *Bug fixed.
    *Code clean.

    Please feedback on the xbox-scene forum or by mail.
    To follow the ongoing discussion click: XS Forums.


    Update XBGM# 0.4
    *Add multi thread support.
    *Add a Progress Dialog.
    *Update GUI.
    *Change Error console message to Error window popup.
    *Change Information console message to info window popup.
    *Add About window.
    *Code clean.


    XBGM# 0.3
    * Add xbox iso support.
    * Add support for Avalaunch(info) BOOST MODE.
    * Add XboxMediaCenter(info).
    * Add a separate Configuration Dialog.
    * Add Right Click.
    * Add Option when deleting a game (Game & SaveTitle).
    * New GUI.
    * Add application icon.
    * And correct some bugs.


    XBGM# 0.2
    * Shutdown and Reboot Xbox
    * Add icons to toolbar
    * Add Export Game list in HTML
    * Add show free disk space from the scan directory.
    * Add cache support for game listing.
    * Conf support, now i save the config into a file.
    * Better error (exception) handling.
    * Add PASSIVE tranfert, that mean you can do everything from the Internet passing by firewall.
    * Corrected some bugs.


    XBGM# 0.1
    I just release on sf.net the first version of XBGM# 0.1.
    It use Avalaunch dashboard features.
    It is a Game Manager for Xbox witch allow you to rename, delete and launch.
    Firefox 2