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If you have question, patches, ideas or code to share:

Xbgm# is being developped by KaYa (xbgm[at]kayaweed.net)
Big Thanks to Pascal Giard (evilynux[at]gmail.com) for is many and is big contributions.
Many thanks for all of you who feedback and submit me code, script, translation, test... (no particular order).
- Nicke, Jon, Doug Danat, Petri Pyy, Kai Stian Olstad, Fabian Richter, TheDead Master and many other.

To follow the ongoing discussion click: XS Forums.

Special Thanks to the following (no particular order) :
Avalaunch Dashboard Avalaunch TEAM
FTP Lib Enterprisedt - modified by Kaya
ZIP Lib ic#code
Xbiso xbiso
MonoLaunch mfconsulting

Firefox 2