Update le 31 october 2006

XBGM# Tutorial

I)                  Overview

XBGM# is new software to manage your xbox game from your PC. It has been develop by KaYa and it is optimise for the dashboard Avalaunch. It is working Win32, Linux and MacOS. Xbgm# is fully functional and very useful. Don’t expect to obtain fast speed transfert you are not using Avalaunch or UnleachX!

Also you can use another dashboard without using the BOOST-MODE.

 II)             Installation

By default, the setup will install XBGM# and allow you to download and install the lastest version of Mono GTk# avalaible here go-mono.

At the end of the setup you can run XBGM#.

You can use the icon on the desktop or from start menu.


In case of probleme use the comman line.
Start => Run => cmd.

 III)             Configuration

Before doing anything, you need to configure  your Xbox connexion like the IP, port, default game folder and other special function form XBGM#
You can have multiple Xbox. You can change curret Xbox using the right click on the buttom right .
You can use the cache so you won't have to keep your xbox on
Note than if you don't conect, you will not get free space drive information.
You can active the logging system or not.

 IV)             Xisos support

 1)    Upload Xisos

This part is very similar to Xfer soft you can a list of xiso to extract on your xbox. Then click on “Upload ISO”  and the transfert start. You can rename the game and select the xbox directory. You can get fast speeding transfert when using the mode BOOST d’Avalaunch! It is possible only if using a full 100Mbits/sec network between your Xbox and PC.

You can also extract an Xiso on your local hard drive when using the “Extract ISO“ function

You can upload a directory on the xbox with the Boost Mode or not « Upload Dir ».

After tranfer you can shutdown the xbox or lauch the last game upload.




V)           Manage Titles

The manage title section allow you to manage your game form you PC. The Scan functions show the game list and for each of them the space, game region and the image associate and also the number of game number of files and folders, the use space and the free space.
You can:
- Rename a game,
- Delete the game and the backup information,
- Launch the game,
- Export the game list in HTML format.

Try to connect then detect the dashboard then sho at least Free Space avalaible. It is working with Avalaunch, UnleachX, Xbox Media Center.



VI)           Save manager

The « Save manager » allow to manager your save game from you computer directly on your xbox. The command Scan xbox backup allow you list all your save backup on your xbox. It work with Avalaunch, UnleachX, Xbox Media Center.
You can aslo:
- Scan backup avalaible on your xbox or computer,
- Backup all yours games backup to your computer,
- Delete the game backup selected.

- Backup the select save game to your computer,
- Upload on the xbox the seleted backup.


VII)           Other Options

With the top toolbar you can also:

- Launch XBMC or any XBE or python script

- Shutdown Xbox

- Restart Xbox